Track productivity of your managers effortlessly

Just keep them motivated by installing Chrome extension to their browser


Last activity

From the first glance check what your manager is working on. No need to dig into countless indicators, just open the main Dashboard and see what you need immediately.



You have multiple projects and different managers on them? Assign a specific project to each manager and never forget who is responsible for it.

Tab feed

Descriptive tab feed that reveals every website your manager visits during a day with time spent on it.



Always be able to analyze previous days, weeks, months of manager's work. Choose a day and see the whole picture.


Automatic reports by email

Idle detecting

Managers cabinet

Flexible notification system



per manager per month..........................per manager per year

How it works

Step 1 - Create Admin account

Go to Managiness app and create your account as an admin.

Step 2 - Create Manager

Now you can see the main Dashboard where you can see all managers and add new ones.

Step 3 - The extension installing

Next you need your managers to install the extension from Chrome Web Store, run it and enter credentials from the previous step.

Step 4 - Start tracking

After your managers authorized in Managiness extension you will see their tab feed during a day in real-time.